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September 26, 2017

We recently launched Infrastructure Management options for you beacon infrastructure. Since launch, we’ve been collecting all your best and most common questions. If you want to look closer at Infrastructure Management, cozy up and get ready to have your questions answered!

FYI: We just released new white paper on Fleet Management. Download it for free HERE.

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What can I do with the Admin App and Panel?

The Panel has all the basic tools you need to understand and maintain your fleet at a glance. Note that new beacon configurations made only via Panel must also be manually applied (for example by using the Admin App) in vicinity to the beacons.

The Admin App can also be configured to deliver updates independent of the Web Panel. Plus, it even helps you monitor battery levels of the beacons in its range. Panel features:
Configure: Change beacon settings and set profiles and alerts.
Manage: Add and share your devices, create managers, and use venues to group your devices.
Monitor: Check and control your devices status, updates and usage.
Locate: Gather and analyze data about your beacon's location.
Find the Panel here.

How does Infrastructure Management make my fleet secure?

There are three key ways this works.

  • Secure communication means no passwords are sent over the air. All data is encrypted and no other devices in the chain can see what is being communicated to a given beacon.
  • Shuffling of Majors, Minors and MAC addresses every day ensures that no one can store and use your beacon information without your consent.
  • A software lock embedded during the in-house production process makes beacons safer than others.

Why is security necessary?

Chances are, few people are thinking about hacking into your infrastructure. However, that doesn’t mean an infrastructure is safe. Especially with the steady growth of IoT and connected solutions, hackers are becoming more and more aware of what they can accomplish by hacking beacons.
One popular example comes from Poland, where a developer exploited insecurities in a popular infrastructure to get free beer. There are many ways hackers can benefit from hacking a beacon infrastructure--whether it’s using beacons and data for their own purposes or to completely hijack the system. Read more on general beacon security problems here.

Existing customers

I have existing beacons from you. Will I be charged for those?

No. You will be only charged for new beacons that you order. All features you received with your old beacons will continue to work.

Do I still have access to the Panel/Management App?

Yes! You can continue using the Panel and Management App as before for no extra charge.


I already have my own SDK, can I just pay for API?

No, you cannot pay separately as the products are bundled together at a very low overall cost. Note that SDKs have different roles for different projects. For example an Indoor Navigation SDK (as offered by our partners) might make it very easy to do indoor navigation, a content management SDK might make it easy to run campaigns well and attribute them to other actions.
We have two SDKs: Core SDK (managing security) and Proximity SDK (making it easy to work with beacons) for both iOS and Android.
Our recommendation is to use the SDK for the particular use case you’re working on (eg indoor navigation or marketing) and our Core SDK to handle security.

Will all security features still be there if I use my own SDK (but your API)?

No. While our security suite will still be in place, the SDK is what specifically provides the end-to-end security. Here are some more details on the general security suite.
You will need to use the Core SDK, because the Core SDK handles the proprietary GATT profile necessary to apply configurations and firmware updates to the beacons. At the same time, the Proximity SDK will already relay the battery information to the Cloud.

Can I get the battery status levels with just using the API?


Building and managing your infrastructure

Can I still use your beacons without IM (Infrastructure Management)?

Yes, 100%. Our beacons will continue to function as normal without the explicit Infrastructure Management tool.

Can I still configure my beacons without IM?

Yes. Infrastructure Management is a specific tool that will be valuable for specific users. You can go ahead and update your beacons using the Administration App or SDK.

Is it possible to remotely manage a beacon infrastructure with 3rd party gateways or WiFi access points?

Yes. However, not all gateways and access points will work. Please get in touch to confirm that your desired gateway will still work with our beacons.

learn how to Manage your fleet via SDK, API, or Gateway

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