It’s healthcare month for, and we’re thrilled to finally share all we know and love about IoT in healthcare with you. We’ve create a Healthcare Reasources Center and there is more content coming this month. Whether you’re an administrator looking to save money by cutting costs or a patient tired of getting lost looking for snacks, we know Bluetooth can make a difference. September was also an eventful month, with the BlueBorne vulnerability putting Bluetooth devices at risk – no worries! devices are not affected by this vulnerability!

Get comfy, because we have news, deployments, and insights to share with you this month.


Featured Blog Posts Proximity API: We Want To Help Your Proximity API

At, we really pride ourselves on our API offering. What makes it so critical for solution providers? How can you use it? We explain what an API does, how it works with our beacons, and why customers love it so much.
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Knowledge Building: Healthcare


“We really have to think outside of the box and look beyond IoT in healthcare and consider it IoL — the Internet of Life! We already see a tremendous shift in roles and responsibilities and this is characterized as the fundamental change from control to collaboration…We need to turn to patients to demand higher levels on engagement and participation.”


How can hospitals really use Bluetooth beacons? We outline 10 Bluetooth uses in healthcare. From asset tracking to indoor navigation and compliance confirmation, these are the best cases around.

The healthcare industry is riddled with complex rules and regulations. Physical security, patient security, digital files and EHRs must be carefully secured each day. This is how Bluetooth can help keep them safe.

Asset tracking in healthcare is a hot, hot topic. Here’s how solution provider Thinäer used beacons to track assets around busy hospitals.

There’s no doubt that hospitals are full of germs. In order to prevent making sticky situations worse, we recently released antibacterial casings for our Beacons. We hope these become the norm for cautious healthcare providers everywhere.

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News and Deployments

Target is adding Bluetooth beacons to their stores and app for smarter indoor navigation. The map is now live in 800 stores. “I want our digital experiences to be every bit as delightful as shopping in one of our stores,” says their Chief Information and Digital Officer.


3 reportlinker.png

New study, Smart Airports Market Analysis By Technology, By Application, By Location And Segment Forecasts, details upcoming growth in Airports 3.0 and finds smart robots, beacon services, predictive analysis, and border control automation solutions on the rise.


4 blueborne.png

Described as the most serious Bluetooth vulnerabilities to date, BlueBorne enables hackers to access and control devices through Bluetooth. This should only affect devices that are not properly updated. devices are not affected.

5 gcn.png

The Orlando, Florida Medical Center’s Lake Nona Campus and Community Living Center is being outfitted with Bluetooth beacons for indoor navigation.

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