In this month’s Beacon Industry Newsletter, we took a look at FinTech, help you buy beacons, and share stories about how the IoT can make agriculture better. From business news to new use cases and one inspiring maker story, we’ve got a little bit of everything. Plus, Trump does something with beacons and no one quite understands what.


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FinTech Solutions Need Beacons for Mobile Payments

In many countries, FinTech and mobile payments are hot issues for businesses and consumers alike. In fact, one report from Prepaid International Forum found that 24% of adults in the UK have used mobile payment technology. Whether you’re looking for an affordable solution or a faster way to transfer money, Bluetooth beacons could be the key technology to make it happen.


Beacon Buyer’s Guide: Let’s Buy Beacons (Better)!


Don’t guess when it comes to beacons. If you need help getting started with your next beacon buy, check out our Beacon Buyer’s Guide for our best tips all gathered in one place.


Knowledge Building: Farming & Agriculture

Agriculture is one of the oldest fields around. Now, whether you’re an environmentalist, tech lover, or savvy farmer, Bluetooth and beacons are coming to make farming smarter. This means better tracking, precision planning, and countless further use cases delivered at an affordable rate to farmers.


  • A recent white paper on agriculture 4.0 released by 365FarmNet pushes partial digitalization. The paper notes rising population, global warming, and increased restrictions on pesticide as drivers for smart farming. It also proposes Bluetooth beacons as a needed technology.
  • This son hacked beacon technology to help his mother track and take care of her cows. Connecting a beacon with a Raspberry Pi, he was able to make a simple (and affordable) tracking system.
  • Analog Devices uses Bluetooth tags to understand what makes New England tomatoes less tasty. The key? Data.
  • Interview with Ulrich Adam, Secretary General of the European Agricultural Machinery Industry Association (CEMA). He pushes partial digitalization, suggests precision farming could be better for the future of the EU and ponders if tech can make farming more appealing for job seekers.
  • Mahindra, India’s automotive powerhouse, is toying with Bluetooth sensors on their tractors. More importantly, their Agri business is completely beefing up their focus on smart farming.
  • After two years of lobbying, some Colorado marijuana growers are getting the chance to track their plants with BLE. Due to regulations, plant tracking is not only legally required but highly valuable in this field. Could this unexpected use case become something greater?
[Free PDF] Active Monitoring with Beacons in the Healthcare Industry


Do you need help keeping track of assets? We know poor tracking and positioning is a big problem for the healthcare industry, that’s why we finished up a detailed look at real-time location systems in hospitals.

Download the white paper

News and Deployments

Trump campaign using beacons? An unusual stipulation in the fine print of some Trump campaign sites refer to tracking beacon data. The websites have already begun rolling back this language about beacons, and it’s not fully clear how they would have used beacon data. It is, however, intriguing.

We may also collect other information based on your location and your Device’s proximity to ‘beacons’ and other similar proximity systems, including, for example, the strength of the signal between the beacon and your Device and the duration that your Device is near the beacon.”


  • RFID Journal LIVE took place in Arizona last month. With over 200 exhibitors and 100 sessions, there was plenty to learn about modern day asset tracking. Philipp von Gilsa shares his Key Takeaways on BLE in RTLS.
  • As part of their Preload Smart Scan project, UPS is adding Bluetooth beacons to their vans to alert staff when packages are placed in the incorrect vehicle.


“Bluetooth is no longer a “hot, hot, hot” trendy topic—and this is perfect. The initial “oohs and aahs” are over. Now we can do the real, meaningful work. An RTLS shouldn’t be about what’s trendy, but what’s practical. Instead of an ocean of bad but “hot” solutions, we’re seeing real, viable solutions emerge. The remaining companies are more mature and realistic.”

– Philipp von Gilsa

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