This month, we focused on two hugely important pieces to the beacon market: proximity notifications, like those found in retail, and deployment and maintenance needs. We’ll also take a look at how beacons are influencing airports as well as an incredible new big-name accelerator.


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Omnichannel Marketing Gets Smarter with Beacons

The Omnichannel is the future of marketing. So what’s holding it back? Though companies are fighting to establish connected and smart marketing campaigns, there are several hurdles to face. Beacons will play a role–once we learn how to leverage them properly.

Bosch IoT Hackathon 2017: Interviews with Stefan Ferber and Marita Klein


We sat down with Bosch Software’s Stefan Ferber, Vice President for Engineering, and software developer Marita Klein to get their insight on the hackathon and the state of IoT. We talked innovation blockers, standardization, and the role of Bluetooth beacons.


Knowledge Building: Aerospace

How are beacons transforming the way we fly? Several airlines and airports are turning to beacon technology to add proximity-based notifications and indoor navigation.


  • In preparation for the Passenger Terminal Conference 2017, industry insider Michael Reinkober examines how beacon technology can help the disabled in our airports.
  • One top 5 airport, Changi in Singapore, is getting beacons.
  • Interview with Miami International Airport illuminates how they use beacons, outlining clear use cases, popularity, and insights. “The app has had more than 140,000 downloads since November 2014, or an average of 5,000 downloads per month.”


– [Free Download] Beacon Powered Solutions: The Ultimate Road Map

How will you use beacons? This popular cheat sheet is the go-to guide for beacon use cases.

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News and Developments

WalMart is getting in on the IoT with their very own startup incubator. “Store No. 8” will house all kinds of startups focused on identifying new retail technologies that can be used across the company. Will they include beacons? As WalMart’s goal is to face Amazon head-on–they better.


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