We hope you’ve been enjoying this July. Have you visited all your favorite warm weather cafes and food joints? This month, we’ll dive into how beacons are changing everything from McDonald’s to your local bar. Plus we’ve got info from the latest Grand View Research findings as well as a hefty and insightful white paper on indoor navigation (find it here!).

P.S. Bluetooth Mesh is here!

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How Beacon Wayfinding is Changing Indoor Navigation

The global Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation (IPIN) market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 58.90% from 2017 to 2021. We’ve already seen GPS revolutionize the way we move outside. Now beacons are changing the way we move in smaller spaces. Here’s almost 30 pages, 6 companies, and a lot of insight on the space.
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Knowledge Building: Food & Beverage


Restaurants, cafes, bars, food trucks. The food industry can be very traditional. You wait in line, use a paper menu, stand awkwardly or sit chatting. Bluetooth beacons are being rolled out in small diners and huge chains to bring customers more options and easier, more streamlined experiences.

McDonald’s tested out proximity marketing at 15 McD Café restaurants in Istanbul. They encouraged almost ⅓ of their visitors to drop by more often.
Rockbot shares three ways to use beacons in restaurants: create omnichannel messaging, secret menu items, and leverage cool external apps.
25,000 venues around the US, including bars and restaurants, will be outfitted with Bluetooth beacons.
The Norwich City of Ale festival used beacons to show what proximity can really do. Can beacons lead to better service and safer driving? It’s up to local bars and users to test them out.
Two hackers at the TechCrunch Disrupt SF combined beacons with restaurant software to make the process of waiting on tables more efficient. These quick hackers helped prove how simple beacon solutions can be.
Bonus story!
How to Gamify the restaurant experience


News and Deployments


  • Bluetooth Mesh has been released. They expect sensor solutions to adopt mesh networking, but it won’t yet work with wireless audio products.
    Source: Bluetooth.com
  • San Francisco’s historic Kezar Stadium in Golden Gate Park lacks the typical jumbotron fans are accustomed to. Now, beacons are bringing augmented reality to fans and visitors.
    Source: sporttechie.com
  • Bike security is a popular beacon use. This Singaporean startup is using beacons to allow cyclists to secure their bikes in smart racks without the need of a personal lock.
    Source: Techinasia
  • The CNIB organization has installed 205 beacons around busy Toronto street to create Canada’s ‘most accessible neighbourhood.’ They hope to push businesses and governments to follow suit.
    Source: Metronews.ca



The latest Grand View Research study is out, and they’ve got new numbers: the global Bluetooth beacon market is expected to reach $58.7 billion by 2025. This should be driven by the upcoming generation of beacons.
Source: ITBusinessnet.comGrandviewresearch.com


[Free PDF] Comparison of Bluetooth and other technologies

Comparing RTLS and other technologies

Looking for the tools to make your RTLS a success? This white paper includes cost analyses, example use cases, and technical insights to give you confidence in your tracking solution.

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