The hype around Physical Web (and Nearby Notifications) is nearly explosive these days. Let’s explore what’s happening and get up-to-date with the beacon industry. Did we mention we’re hosting a webinar this Thursday too? Spots are limited, make sure to save your seat now.

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What is Google Nearby? It May Not Be What You ThinkGoogle Nearby

Everyone is getting in on Google Nearby Notifications. Nearby Notifications can help businesses, managers, and other operators connect with a previously untapped audience. Most importantly, Nearby is gaining traction fast.
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Cold Chain Logistics with Bluetooth Tags Cold chain

The cold chain industry is expected to grow to $350 billion by 2019 in biopharma alone. When it comes to this highly sensitive and regulation-heavy use case, Bluetooth beacons offer more than notifications or navigation. How about real-time data and automated processes?
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Knowledge Building: Physical Web

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Restaurants, cafes, bars, food trucks. The food industry can be very traditional. You wait in line, use a paper menu, stand awkwardly or sit chatting. Bluetooth beacons are being rolled out in small diners and huge chains to bring customers more options and easier, more streamlined experiences.

How can you add proximity to your offerings without requiring app downloads? Here’s an intro the Physical Web and Proxama’s well-known MyStop campaign on London buses.
Researchers are using beacons provided by Google to push sales in a 535-acre slum in Mumbai via Physical Web. The beacons were awarded as part of the Google IoT Research Award Pilot.
Who wants candy? Nordic Semiconductor’s Pratyush Dave shows off their Physical Web-powered Candy Dispenser. Find hacker-friendly instructions on Hackster. (Nordic Semiconductor)

Google’s €150m Digital News Initiative is funding the introduction of beacons in Manchester. They plan to bring local news stories to young readers and others who may not otherwise engage locally.


News and Deployments

  • Popular AccuWeather app has been caught sending location data of users who have turned off location sharing via WiFi and Bluetooth. Data firm Reveal Mobile insists they do not use the location data.
  • Google has refreshed its Google Connections API. v2.0 brings offline functionality, more bandwidth, and less latency. Connections helps users connect with nearby devices through WiFi and Bluetooth.
  • TechTarget interviews Mist CEO Sujai Hajela to discuss beacons, wireless analytics, and AI.
  • Steffen Bunau followed up his successful webinar with Bluetooth SIG’s Martin Woolley by explaining the key differences between the terms “beacon” and “tags.”

Steffen Bunau explains why we use the word “beacon”

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