This month has brought some incredible developments both from within and without. We’ve got a new SDK, several success stories, and one huge use case for Eddystone. We’re also taking a long look at the the hospitality industry and learning how beacons are already transforming the service industry.


Featured Blog Posts

1.png’s New Proximity SDK
Every business wants incredible high-tech capabilities. While you may be excited to integrate triggers and our latest features into your app, what if you don’t feel comfortable with coding? That’s why we developed the new Proximity SDK.Beacon Company Success Stories: Elite-ID Shares 5 Stories About Tracking
Elite-ID is just one solution provider, but they’ve shared five of their favorite use cases with us for inspiration. From wharf security to verifying diligence of lifeguards and lowering slip-and-fall incidents, here’s five ways they’re using beacons already.


Knowledge Building: Hospitality

Customer expectations about hospitality and the everyday are changing–and hoteliers are stepping up to the plate. The hotel industry wants to keep visitors happy and they’re using beacon technology to make it happen.


… and those are just deployments from solution provider, conichi. Chains like Marriott, Hilton, and others are already using beacons in hundreds of further hotels around the globe.

  • Hilton uses beacons to deliver all the right info to their visitors.
  • Here’s a great step-by-step walkthrough of how beacons are being used in hotels–and how we can do more.
  • HospitalityNet breaks down what needs to happen in order for the hospitality industry to keep up with changing expectations and technology. Success isn’t just about the tools but the way we conduct R&D and move forward.
  • Samsung examines two incredible IoT tools in hospitality: augmented reality and Bluetooth beacons.
[Free PDF] Crave better communication with your customers?

proximity_notifications_x.pngHere’s how proximity notifications are changing the customer journey.

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News and Developments

  • The Digital EDGE 50 award, powered by IDG Enterprise–the brain behind CIO, Computerworld, CSO, InfoWorld, ITworld, and Network World–has been awarded to Marriott for their “Win the Stay” digital strategy. They utilized a smart app along with beacons to cater to the next generation of hotel visitors.
  • Coca-Cola wants Eddystone technology to pair with their popular product in-stores. And they just unleashed a plug-and-play system for their sellers.



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