Kontakt.io was originally founded to help the visually impaired easily navigate public spaces and experience the world better.

While Kontakt.io has changed a lot since that time, our belief that IoT can solve real-world problems hasn’t. That initial goal—to make the world a better place—still lies at the core of the company and drives our efforts at Beacons For Good (BeaconsForGood.org).

#BeaconsForGood for charities

Beacons for Good is our non-profit initiative designed to help charities roll out their own proximity-based projects to help people in need. Each quarter, Kontakt.io donates up to 100 beacons to a charity or charities that have great ideas and a great plan to make a difference with beacons.

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#BeaconsForGood for businesses

To make a real-world change and challenge the status quo, we also invite businesses and individuals all around the world to be a part of Beacons for Good global mission. That’s why for-profit companies can also contribute to Beacons for Good, and gain special pricing in return.

There are Good Beacons and Good Causes, but we need Good People to succeed. Join today!


#BeaconsForGood mission

We want to help others use beacons' potential to serve a good cause and make the world a better place. Interested?

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Ready to start using beacons for good? Order your beacons and see how it works in real-world deployments!

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