Introducing the Cloud Beacon

  • Bluetooth Smart connectivity was just the beginning
  • Built-in WiFi unlocks a whole new level of possibilities
  • This is the most powerful beacon money can buy
Beacon with WIFI

Cloud Beacon is a Game Changer


Bluetooth Beacons

  • Depends on active Bluetooth
  • Beacons need smartphones to reach the Internet
  • Can only transmit data to smartphones
  • OTA updates only possible in close range
  • Large deployments cumbersome to manage
  • Cannot collect data


Cloud Beacons

  • Bluetooth is optional
  • Cloud Beacon uses built-in WiFi to reach the Internet
  • Can transmit AND receive data
  • Remote OTA update for entire deployment OTA = Over-The-Air
  • Large deployments easy to manage
  • Always collects data
Beacon with WIFI

It’s a Super Beacon

  • Everything you expect from a Bluetooth Beacon (+ WiFi connectivity)
  • Can manage and control your entire Bluetooth Beacon fleet
  • Effective WiFi range up to 200 meters / 650 feet
  • WiFi signals less affected by walls or dense materials compared to BLE
  • Rechargeable battery + connection to standard electricity outlet.
  • Includes built-in memory module for offline data collection

How the whole platform
works together with Cloud Beacon:

Cloud Beacon acts as the “manager” for your Bluetooth Beacons, and maintains an active internet connect via WiFi. You now have complete control and access to your entire beacon fleet, using only your Web Panel account.

  • Cloud Beacons readily integrate into your existing beacon deployment. Install them just like any other beacon, then let them manage your fleet.
  • Cloud Beacons can “talk to” your regular Bluetooth beacons – allowing unpatrolled access, management, and control over your entire fleet.
  • Cloud Beacons can still “talk to” your beacons even when in a locked down or non-connectable state (e.g. in full iBeacon mode).

Just a few of the possibilities Cloud Beacon
unlocks for you

  • Data Harvesting Enabled

    Cloud Beacons can send data as well as receive it – it can also store information and upload it to the internet via WiFi. This enables you to collect information from all mobile users in your venue, giving you a more complete picture of what is going on in your monitored locations.

  • More Complete Data

    Cloud Beacons can collect anonymous MAC addresses from any mobile device – with or without active internet, and with or without active Bluetooth. This means you can collect anonymous data from anyone walking through your venues, as long as the WiFi is turned on.

  • Better Customer Profiles

    By collecting uniquely identifiable MAC addresses, you can now build more accurate customer profiles of people interacting in your venues. By using actionable data gained while people go about their regular business, you gain a new level of insight into real customer behaviors.

  • Simple Fleet Management

    You can now remotely update your entire fleet (even Bluetooth Beacons) using your Web Panel account or our robust API. As long as your Bluetooth Beacons are in range of one Cloud Beacon, you can update the entire deployment in minutes with a single click – anywhere in the world, at any time.

None of the above is possible with “regular” Bluetooth Smart Beacons

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But wait – there’s more!

  • Automatic Cloud Backup

    All your data, settings, and configurations are safely backed up on our cloud servers.

  • Easy Replacement

    Should you ever lose a beacon for any reason – we can just send you an exact cloned replacement.

  • Never Run Out of Power

    Just plug into any standard electricity outlet and recharge the battery (or just leave it plugged in).

  • Enhanced Security

    Remotely randomize Beacon IDs with a single click. No more worries about piggybacking or hijacking.

  • Flexible Data Collection

    Includes built-in data storage, so you can upload your data to the cloud whenever it best suits you.

  • User Privacy Assurance

    Cloud Beacons can see what you are doing in a venue, but is not able to know who you are.

Technical specifications

Dimensions and weight

Height:38 mm (1.5 in)
Width:88 mm (3.5 in)
Depth:88 mm (3.5 in)
Weight:300 grams (10.58 oz)


Wi-Fi:Up to 200 meters (650 feet)
Bluetooth:Up to 50 meters (164 feet)

Battery and Power

4 lithium-polymer battery cells with 12,300 mAh capacity in total
Can work constantly plugged into power source

In the Box

  • Cloud Beacon
    Cloud Beacon
  • Micro USB Cable
    Micro USB Cable
  • Free Cloud Access
    Free Cloud Access